Club Push - Tunica, MS

This weekend, I had the opportunity to take a sneak-peak at Club Push, which will be having its official Grand Opening next month on October 2nd. The newest club to hit Tunica, Mississippi is definitely a new look for the small rural town just miles from Memphis. Push, located in the Horseshoe Casino, had an enticing appeal all the way up to the club doors which were lined with red carpet ropes and low-key lighting. Upon entering I was surprised to find myself walking into an extremely large open room. There was a long and posh-looking bar right as I came through the doors, with several bartenders waiting to serve me with a smile. The actual stage and dance floor felt miles away, and in between the bar and dance floor was the club’s VIP section.

Push VIP Lounge Area


The club itself was filled with blue and purple disco lights, scantily-clad go-go dancers moving atop pedestals, and tall stylish white tables with no chairs. That’s right folks, I was standing the entire night. In fact, the only people who could sit down were the 4 people in the VIP section. Located smack dab in the middle of the whole place, the small area, only set off from the rest of the club by ropes and poles, was complete with comfortable white couches and a security guard checking hands for VIP stamps. The dance floor was a nice size, not too big-not too small, then again, with only 5 people on the dance floor, it was a little hard to gauge the size exactly. Right in front of the empty dance floor was a large stage, with none other than Samantha Ronson mixing tracks non-stop, and somehow, keeping the party (desperately in need of partiers) going.

DJ Samantha Ronson

sam ronson

Overall, the interior d├ęcor, lighting, and sound system was fantastic. It definitely had the look of a Vegas club, but since it was a sneak Preview, there just weren’t enough people there to actually give it that jumpin’ club vibe. Something about it appeared too big, the club itself is said to be able to hold up to 1,500 guests, so seeing as there were only roughly 100 people there, I felt it lacked the intimacy you get at most clubs. The best part about the night was definitely the guest celeb, DJ Ronson. Even though there weren’t very many people there, the few who were danced and drank to the unique blends of rap, pop, and rock. Overall, Push looked like a Las Vegas club in-the-making. With a little bit of marketing, and a lot more people, Push could really be the next big thing to hit the mid-south. Hopefully it's success will spill over to Memphis, where it is greatly needed. With more celebrity guest appearances expected after the Grand Opening, it will be interesting to see if this club really has what it takes to rival those in Sin City, or if in time the disco, located in the heart of the Bible Belt, will "crap out".


Final Rating:
3.5 stars


Jeff | November 1, 2010 at 5:53 PM

Any word on its success?

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